What is Church & Street?

Quite simply, the Church & Street newsletter is a weekly publication around street photography, travel, self-discovery, and of course, cameras.

I’m building the Church & Street Foto Club to serve photographers and creatives with information and experiences in a meaningful way. This will include shows, interviews, workshops, photowalks, and of course, this newsletter that sits in the middle of it all. And well, what will you see in this newsletter?

  • Behind-the-scene stories

  • Exclusive photos

  • Tips and recommendations

  • Mini-reviews

  • Exclusive interviews

  • And once in a while... contests

Here are a few of the popular posts that subscribers have enjoyed:

My hope is that people who remain subscribed will find inspiration in the material shared, network with like-minded creatives, and derive even some small value that helps propel them on their journey.

About The Author

My name is Gajan Balan. I'm an award-winning photographer and director that has built a career on the idea of creativity shared. My goal is to empower others to create and find fulfillment through that process. My work garners over 1.5M impressions and 600,000 minutes watched per month, was featured in Vogue, GQ and Rolling Stone, as well as earn gallery spots in London, Paris, Milan, and Toronto. Quite simply, I look to travel the world and tell compelling stories.

Looking For More?

The core Church & Street newsletter is and will remain FREE. If you really enjoy the material being shared and/or want to directly support my journey as a photographer, consider becoming a paid subscriber to the Church & Street newsletter. I’ve curated some unique benefits with the hope of providing incredible value for fans of my work and journey.

Monthly Subscriber Benefits

  • Double the monthly posts

  • Archive access to all previous posts

  • Exclusive themed Q&A sessions and interviews

  • 20% off Moment gear at Shopmoment.com

  • 10x entries to monthly contest (yes, every month!)

For those that opt for an annual subscription, you’ll get all of the above as well as the following benefits:

Annual Subscriber Benefits

  • Signed limited edition 5x7” print ($150 value)

    • One exclusive print to be shipped for first time annual subscribers. This print will be from my private collection and not be offered to the public.

  • Online Studio Photography Workshop ($50 value)

    • Immediate access to my commercial studio photography workshop created in partnership with Moment.

  • Capture One Pro Styles Pack ($50 value)

    • Immediate access to my Capture One Pro Global Styles Pack which contains all my up to date styles that I use to edit my professional imagery.

  • Recorded access of Q&A sessions and interviews

    • Access to all of the previous Q&A sessions and interviews curated under the Church & Street banner.

  • Exclusive meetup invites

    • I can’t cover your travel but I may end up in your city. My work takes me all over the world and I’ll look to host private meetups for my annual subscribers. Stay tuned for more details.

Wait! What’s With The Name?

Why Church & Street? Is this a cult!? Lol, no I promise you this has nothing to do with any religious initiative of any kind. The name is a play on ‘church and state’ and invokes this relationship between street photography and self-discovery. I firmly believe the more you throw yourself into this photography journey, the more it envelopes you with this sense of clarity and purpose. Almost as if the act of photography itself was a means of worship. It’s weird… but yea, this is something I’m hoping to explore with you in the months to come.


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A weekly publication around street photography, travel, self-discovery, and occasionally, cameras.


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